Ernesto Prada  12/18/2018

Photographer: @alaincamporiva
Models: @gracevalette @lauren_gwyn
Hair: @marlania_rohi
MUA: @ninamariediaz

The undeniable truth about Denver’s boom is that change is coming faster than usual. The change isn’t just rent or new faces, it’s the evolution — sometime’s painful — but undeniable style development of what we see in the streets. Fashion and style aren’t so easily paired together in places that refuse change and neither is it easily accepted by the masses in these cities that refuse to embrace the trends of the now.

Recently, the scope has broadened and the bait has been set. Fashion is arriving in Denver and the fashion enthusiasts who have been worshipping in secrecy at its studded feet are here for it 101%.

Lawrence and Larimer

The team at local boutique Lawrence and Larimer has been upping the streetwear game with denim jackets, sweat sets and exclusive items such as limited t-shirts. They have become a hub for the cool kids and always around on local bloggers at events. “There are definitely a lot more gentlemen that care about their appearance now versus 7 to 10 years ago,” says the team when asked about the development of menswear and street style in the city. “As far as pushing forward brands – like L+L, Suit Supply, Armitage & McMillan and others – have to continue to provide affordable and quality options.

Lawrence and Larimer Lawrence and Larimer

Levi’s and the tucked in white t-shirt are — yes classic — but have numbered days for its survival in the city. Men and women are reaching for either contemporary or fad styles and it couldn’t be more interesting than ever. As the money industry in Denver progresses, so are the tailored suits and jackets as well as the layers upon layers of tweed jackets over chiffon blouses and six-inch red bottoms. Beyond the likes of having the means to afford Chanel or LV, the truest form of style influence in Denver is mixing the likes of high street brands such as OFF-White and vintage or repurposed from local shops like Broadways Goldmine Vintage and Buffalo Exchange. I wish I could say that mixing vintage with high street is a Denver exclusive, but it just isn’t – it’s just the absolute form of proof that the style evolution in the city is actually taking place. If LA has it’s flowing, accessory heavy, bright and boho surf sets and NY has it’s structured, optic minimalism, high-end and fast transition – what does Denver have? I believe that it has become a star child in the crossings of both coasts. Denver is the child of style, growing to the heights of its predecessors and becoming a look in itself.


                       Photographer @vinny_j        Model: @danii_liwasi

One half of local fashion house – MENEZ – Saul Jimenez started the design journey with brother Vinny. Showcasing their collections at Massif Fashion, they have been pushing the idea look for what sex appeal and class can create while applied through technique and style. When asked about the style growth in Denver Jimenez says, “Right now is a better time than ever for our cities recent growth. Staying true to your vision will attract like-minded people. Let passion be your fuel.”

It’s obvious that retail boutique spaces and local designers are pushing and teasing the local masses with the likes of high street quality and fashion-forward silhouettes but the question remains – What is Denver’s true style? We at FshnEco are here to continue the investigation of style transformation in the Mile High.


Photographer @alaincamporiva                      MUA @savage.beautyco          Model @izzyholsman