Megan Leone

Transitioning into Fall – It’s easier than you think!

The transition from summer to fall is arguably the most beautiful time of year. The leaves begin changing colours, embers crackle in fireplaces, and the temperature finally begins to decrease. However, all these changes bring on the age-old question; what is a person supposed to wear in this ever-changing weather?

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Transitional fashion can seem very intimidating to many people; however, it isn’t as difficult as it appears. The average person has everything they need in their closet to come up with a perfect fall transitional wardrobe. All it takes is a few basic pieces and some strategic layering to create an outfit that looks great, and is comfortable no matter what the forecast has in store.

Fshneco articles, the fashion network the fashion ecosystem

One of the easiest looks to put together, perfect for almost every occasion, consists of a fun t-shirt, fitted jeans, and a lightweight jacket or cardigan. This can be styled with any number of accessories, and a scarf is a nice addition that can add more style and warmth to the outfit. Any shoe paired with this outfit could easily dress up or dress down the look, making it super versatile.

Another ensemble that is much more casual, but is just as easy to put together is a basic hooded sweatshirt layered under a jacket. A cropped hoodie under a denim jacket paired with leggings and boots is an easy go-to perfect for pumpkin picking. A more edgy version of this look could be a zip up sweatshirt under a leather jacket, worn with skinny jeans and booties or flats.

Fshneco articles, the fashion network the fashion ecosystem

Wearing a beanie, winter cap, scarf, or fuzzy socks can add a personal touch and character, while doubling as frostbite fighters.  Ultimately, dressing for the seasonal transition is based on practicality first, and being comfortable in difficult weather. Incorporating fashion and aesthetic is easy after establishing some basic looks and style.